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    1+ Billion Lotto Jackpot

    I would not sink money in cars. Maybe skimp a little less. Homes, yes.
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    So long, it’s been great

    Enjoy and good luck with your new ride!
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    So this happened

    Is there any damage to the paint, under-body or anything in the proximity of the wheel?
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    I was talking mostly about loud, heavy and inefficient Harleys, with modified exhaust or "improved" shitboxes with a loud exhaust. Those are just a public menace and should be outlawed. Also, the Ferrari video is a rarity for most of us: 1. Empty road: in reality, the Ferrari will be stuck...
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Just stupid. Should have outlawed loud motorcycles and loud modified exhaust. Willing to exchange any day the engine noise with robust immediate torque.
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Well, here in San Jose most people already have a 2nd car anyway. Most people don't need to drive to SoCal often (why not fly?) and, even if you did go with your EV, you'd need two to three quick charges to make it, so not a big deal for such a long trip anyway. More people will drive to Tahoe...
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Yeah, nothing like the roaring sound of a 4 cylinder :)
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    Sure, do what you want! With the Prius, we could get 50 MPG with an effort, 47 MPG without an effort. It really saves on fuel, but it is not fun to drive, a lot because of the transmission it has. The RAV4 Hybrid has the same system and same transmission. I did not drive it, but assume it is...
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    "Launch" does not say anything about how efficient or how much it costs. It only says that (i) people are buying cars with this engine (ii) the engine is not mired with quality issues / fails etc. Hence, it is a successful launch.
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    For those eagerly awaiting Gen 3

    IMHO, as a previous Prius owner, Hybrid vehicles are just a stepping stone to the real thing, which are EVs. As such, Mazda should avoid them and go directly to full EVs. It is true Toyota has priced, e.g. RAV4 Hybrid as a very attractive option for consumers and finally it does get pretty...
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    How in God’s name do you disable the auto-folding mirrors?

    I find this funny too! This is mostly for Europe feature, where parking spots are very narrow. Here in the US, sometimes it could be useful in compact spots, but usually it is not needed, so it is perfectly understandable why someone would want to disable it.
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    new 8 speed transmission coming?

    On the other hand, an 8 speed could help Mazda gain ~2 MPG, when coupled with a 4-Cylinder. It will also help with competing with entry level luxury models. They are making a comeback
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    new 8 speed transmission coming?

    Inline 6 is the relatively new hotness in engine design, very smooth and powerful, is now used by the European brands. This should be great for the CX-9 and higher trim 6, especially if provided with RWD. This is inline with Mazda's aspirations to position themselves as a premium brand and...