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    New CX-5 Owner/Member

    Exactly one year and a day with my CX-5, currently sitting at 28299 km's (17584 miles), so far a windshield replacement, new Airbag and clock spring and recently I'm chasing a rattle noise coming from the center console. Also had the Cylinder de-activation TSB firmare update completed. Fuel...
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    Airbag Light

    Picked it up last night after almost 3 weeks, a clock spring was replaced. Also had the CD recall done. Not impressed, they left scratches on the steering wheel /horn cover that will need to be replaced when the part comes in.. (headshake
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    Airbag Light

    I couldn't find any info on the error flash values. Not sure of the trim level , base level me thinks, it's the only loaner available (apparently?)...😤
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    Airbag Light

    Service Adviser just called and said "There is a code for driver airbag steering wheel", and to remain in the (Mazda3) loaner car :(...
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    Airbag Light

    No, I didn't disconnect the battery, great info...
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    Airbag Light

    No work other than a replacement windshield when it was 2 weeks old , no accidents or mods... LOL, it was playing on the radio while I was parked waiting for the service adviser...
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    Airbag Light

    Hoping it's just a loose connection, are they that easy to come loose on a new(ish) vehicle?
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    Airbag Light

    I believe you're correct, the service manager couldn't confirm it...
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    Airbag Light

    Didn't see any posts on this yet when I did a search for an Air bag light flashing 1 then 9, it's been 2 weeks since this started happening. Just dropped it off at the dealer, service manager said he hasn't seen any (2018 +) come in for this yet?... Takata airbag, loose connection, seat sensors?
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    What Other Cars Do You Have Beside Your CX-5?

    Summer Toy, original owner with some mods... :)
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    Warning - Possible Hatch Damage Due to Ice Forming

    Expecting another Snowmagedden the next 2 days so I thought I'd check my hatch, noticed there's a rubber molding (run channel). Is this an update or does every Gen2 have them?
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    Reduced blower speed when using power windows???

    Tim Hortons drive thru...(coffee)
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    Anyone wonder how "Safe" the CX5 is

    Glad you're ok, and nice upgrade, I'm on the 401 twice daily from Miss to Scarb. and back, always gotta be mindful of those truckers...
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    New Year, New Projects

    Had Borla's on my Terminator luv'd the sound, have Flow's now lol. (drinks)