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    2021 Signature: Why no wireless Apple Carplay?

    It’s has the WiFi and Bluetooth connections. Why did they not include wireless CarPlay?
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    22x10 +38 mm offset on 295/35/22 or 285/35/22?

    Asanti Black Custom Wheels ABL-12 Size: 22x10.5 Finish: SILVER CARBON 285/35-22
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    2019 Mods CX9 (Same for CX5 and Mazda 6)

    Picture Mod11 Picture mod11 shows the hp and torque curves from four pulls on the 2019 with the three Corksport mods. The torque is higher than stock due to the enhanced free flowing intake and exhaust. Both curves start dropping at 3500 rpm due to the stock tune, so horsepower does not get...
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    2018 vs. 2019 My 2017 was loose compared to the 2019. The 2019 still needs even better suspension and brakes.
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    2019 Mods CX9 (Same for CX5 and Mazda 6)

    Cork Sports Cat Back - OrangeVirus Tune Rafael Answer my EMAILS! Cork Sports Cat Back Facts - It is a beautiful piece of engineering design, materials and perfect fit. - The shipping and packing was first class. - The support from CortSport's team was prompt and professional. - The tips...
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    2019 Mods CX9 (Same for CX5 and Mazda 6)

    More More Last picture OVTune. OrangeVirus proposed = not good.
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