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06-21-2012, 11:06 AM
Not exactly the same scale as the US, but worth sharing news on excellent Mazda CX-5 sales in Australia.

Firstly, the Mazda 3 was the highest selling vehicle in 2011, and has continued to be the highest selling vehicle this year.
It replaces a car that held the record for 18 years - the locally produced, Holden (GM Australia) Commodore.

The Holden Commodore can be seen in the US under different guises. The current US manufactured Camaro, was engineered in Australia by Holden (mainly because GM had rear wheel drive development in Australia). The previously seen Pontiac GTO and Pontiac G8 are also Commodore variations. The very anonymous Holden Caprice (an extended Commodore) is now being exported to the US for Police departments. And next year the next gen Commodore is likely to be re-badged and exported.

Needless to say, its a popular vehicle down here. And traditionally, large rear-wheel drive cars have been the staple diet.

Not anymore....

Top vehicle sales in Australia April 2012:

1. Mazda 3 - 3005
2. Toyota Corolla - 2573
3. Holden Cruze - 2315 (Chev Cruze)
4. Holden Commodore - 2248
5. Hyundai i30 - 2147
6. Toyota Camry - 1602
7. Mazda CX-5 - 1413

Not too bad considering that sales were expected to be 1000 per month in Japan (a market 6 times larger), let alone Australia.

What's more interesting is that it pushes Mazda as a brand into number 2 spot for the first time.
It's practically impossible to catch Toyota.

Brands (April 2012):

1. Toyota - 16,568
2. Mazda - 7,681
3. Holden (GM) - 7,589
4. Hyundai - 7,017
5. Ford - 6,306
6. Nissan - 4,686
7. VW - 3,798
8. Mitsubishi - 3,748
9. Subaru - 3,003
10. Kia - 2,505

To give you an idea of sales in Australia, these numbers would need to be multiplied by 15 if Australia had same population as US.
Total sales for passenger cars during 1 year is roughly 1 million (or in US terms: 15 million).

So to compare to the US...

We would be selling about 21,000 CX-5's per month (which is still a little less than what the Honda CR-V is selling currently in US).
And Mazda would be selling 115,000 cars per month (About 6 times the current sales in the US).

As a percentage, Mazda is certainly doing better here; which is a stat mirrored in Canada.

06-21-2012, 09:55 PM
Yes, Mazda does very well in Canada compared to the US.

06-22-2012, 05:54 AM
keep it coming Mazda