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06-18-2012, 09:20 AM
After having my new CX5 (AWD, Automatic) for only one week, I couldn't be any more thrilled. After an 80 mile road trip through the mountains with lots of climbing and decending, my trip computer registered 34 mpg for the entire trip. I was expecting only 30 mpg, so I hope the good mpg results continue.

Other notes:

- I have the CX 5 Sport model with Bluetooth. I specifically did not want a sunroof or leather seats, so the Sport fit my specifications and budget. Although I do not have the XM option, streaming XM/Sirius from my Iphone works great through the Bluetooth.

- I traded in a 2007 CRV and can provide some comparisons. Typical mpg in the Honda over the same route registered 29 mpg on the trip computer, so it appears my mileage will be considerably greater in the CX 5.

- The CX 5 is a MUCH better driving experience, with an extremely responsive and smooth transmission. Having a bit more control with a sensitive transmission gives the feeling of better performance and flexibility on the road. Although the horsepower is less on the CX 5, the acceleration on my new vehicle feels faster (it may or not be faster, but it feels faster).

- The CX 5 handles the mountains as good as or better than the CRV. I didn't notice any abnormal struggling. I also appreciate way the transmission and cruise control automatically downshifts on steep downhill grades to keep the vehicle from speeding excessively, thereby saving on brakes and tickets (the cops around here love to set up speed traps at the bottom of mountains).

- I'm not sure what Consumer Reports and others referring to when they mention excess noise. My CX 5 is quieter than my CRV. I am very impressed with the quiet nature of the ride at highway speeds.

- Rear suspension is better than the CRV. When going over speed bumps with my old vehicle, cargo in the back would bounce up and down. I have not noticed this in the CX 5.

- Handling is amazing. Very crisp and confident.

- I had the tire warning light go off at about 100 miles after going over a pothole. After checking the cold tires the next morning, they were way overinflated at about 45 psi. I brought them down to 35 psi and reset the warning light. No problems since then.

- I love the restrained and tasteful interior. It seems somewhat similar to a German interior. One of the things that turned me off about some of the competition was futuristic interior design with lots of curves and buttons. I'm buying a car, not a space probe.

- The exterior styling definitely wins the award over my old CRV. Although I liked the look of the CRV, the CX 5 has a much more athletic stance. I just love the flared headlight covers that give the hint of a Cheetah eyebrow.

- I sealed the pait with Meguier's Ultimate Wax (paste version). I was highly impressed with this product. Just a dab of the paste is needed with each 3 - 4 sq. ft. section, and removal is very easy. This stuff does not discolor the black trim, nor did I have any problems with caking in the seams. I'm hoping for the beading to last several months.

I'll try to send another report after I have some more mileage on this vehicle. Feel free to ask questions, if you like.

06-18-2012, 10:05 AM
Welcome. I am a new owner too. I guess we all are to a degree since it is a 2013 vehicle. I never really considered the crv simply because I didn't like the styling at all. The cx-5 is waaaay nicer. I don't notice excessive cabin noise either. But, that may be just that the 2005 escape I traded in had lots of cabin noise. I'm not sure if it did or not, but the cx-5 is certainly quieter.

Yeah, they seem to come from the factory with 40+ psi in the tires for some reason. There are other posts about it. I deflated mine to 35 as well and reset the monitor as soon as I noticed.

I agree with you in the new cars futuristic interiors. The 2013 ford escape may be the worst. I like the specs etc of the new escape but that interior just looked stupid imo. I really like the sportage interior, it is a bit more stylish than the cx-5, quite a bit actually, without being over the top or spaceship like. But, the cx-5 has an uncluttered nicely laid out interior thats for sure.

Also have to agree on the fun to drive factor. I never thought I would enjoy driving a cuv so much. I wish it had maybe 20 more horses though.

06-18-2012, 11:06 AM
Welcome and great report on your road trip.

06-25-2012, 04:50 PM
sylva143 - Now that you've had your CX-5 for a week, any new observations?