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  1. Will CX-5 Have AWD?
  2. 6mt
  3. Want a Manual Transmission? Hope you like Silver, Grey, and Black...
  4. Question about how the AWD system actually functions
  5. 0 to 62 in 9.4 seconds
  6. installed turbo kit!.....WoW!
  7. Blue Engine Coolant Light
  8. Cruise Control
  9. Rumbling noise
  10. 6-speed manual test drive - finally.
  11. Acceleration Noise
  12. Got Sand?
  13. CX-5 Short Ram Intake released
  14. rare violent and rough engine starts....
  15. New issue...wont start
  16. CX-5 Muffler Delete
  17. Somewhat harsh shift into 5th...
  18. High revs the other day when starting the engine
  19. Start and go.
  20. What NOT to do with our CX-5s
  21. ALERT: Transmission Malfunction - Hopefully an Isolated Incident
  22. How the manual mode work?
  23. Octane Rating
  24. i-Stop on SkyActiv-G with manual transmission
  25. Mazda To Debut SKYACTIV Diesel Engine In 2013 GRAND-AM GX Series
  26. Transmission: Manual vs. Auto with Manual Mode
  27. Auto sport mode and general performance.
  28. K&N air filter availabilty?
  29. Food for thought...predicting sound of aftermarket exhaust + Skyactiv
  30. Beta Testing - CorkSport Cx5 Axle Back Exhaust
  31. Are ya'll sticking with synthetic oil?
  32. Skyactiv D for North America
  33. Info on how the awd system works?
  34. 7500 mile service
  35. Timing Belt or Chain?
  36. Engine Revving While Slowing Down
  37. What brand of oil do you use?
  38. Diesel Oil check every 1000 km / 1 month
  39. Engine Oil Rise
  40. Automatic Transmission Fluid - Can you change it?
  41. Ok, Gas Mileage SUCKS!
  42. Oil Change
  43. Gas in oil?
  44. Going Towing with the Cx5
  45. Schedule maintenance
  46. Bug screen.
  47. 4k RPM rev limiter
  48. CX-5 Startup
  49. Adding a Turbo
  50. High pitch sound from air intake when engine shuts off
  51. SkyActiv-D fuel system details
  52. Possible engine bases used for skyactiv engnes.
  53. Shift delay from reverse to drive
  54. Rumor: 2014 CX-5 to offer 2.5L engine
  55. New CX-5 Touring - Leaking something - Possibly AC condensation?
  56. Engine Mount Issues
  57. Motor Mount issue?
  58. Check Engine Light - Knock Sensor
  59. OK, major issue now...
  60. Transmission "jolting"
  61. Dealer filled engine oil without draining
  62. Start/Stop Module Replacement
  63. Master warning light and istop.
  64. What if Skyactiv applied engine start/stop technology?
  65. Transmission clunk, thud and jolt
  66. i-stop warning problem
  67. warning lights with only 4,000 miles
  68. new skyactive 2.5liter gas engine
  69. Fuel additives
  70. When the CX-5 Diesel version coming to US market?
  71. Gear Change Delay
  72. rear clunking noise
  73. Clutch Pedal grinding feeling
  74. question on the 2.0
  75. For those having Transmission Issues with their CX-5
  76. Oil capacity?
  77. When will service manual be available?
  78. leaking oil
  79. Blue Water Temperature Dash Light
  80. Engine idling
  81. towing with the CX-5
  82. Engine Vibration and rattle sound between 2000 and 2500 RPM
  83. 2.0 Petrol or 2.2 Diesel?
  84. Burning oil?
  85. Shifting from 1st gear to 2nd gear
  86. Low Fuel Warning Light
  87. Mazda’s new SKYACTIV gasoline and diesel engines are steps on the road to its “Ideal
  88. Left it running..
  89. How long before first oil change?
  90. Engine Break-in Period
  91. Warning Lights on Dash - Malfunction?
  92. Oil Level Issue
  93. Torque distribution between left and right rear wheels, what is the %?
  94. Automatic transmission maintenance requirement ??
  95. Automatic trans maintenance
  96. Manual transmission rev hang on 2 to 3 shift
  97. New CX-5 engine for North America
  98. possible exhaust options?
  99. Engine Oil
  100. 2012 LA Auto Show CX-5 Engine Upgrade Announcement
  101. Canadian gas usage
  102. Real time consumption read out.
  103. Aftermarket intakes, who has one?
  104. peak engine efficiency question
  105. If they can supercharge a BRZ, they can do a CX-5
  106. I-stop battery replacement - need some feedback
  107. Performance chip for CX-5
  108. Parking heater (Webasto) on CX-5?
  109. Oil Rising continued
  110. North America: Diesel is coming in April 2014!
  111. mazda3 exhaust for cx5?
  112. Warning Lights Flashing and Engine Revving
  113. Burning odor in reverse
  114. Oil Change using Extraction Method
  115. Engine Cover Broken?
  116. Trip computer doesn't reset all?
  117. CX-5 "Tow" eyelet
  118. First oil change with the new Mazda 0w20 GF-5 with moly - Improved MPG
  119. Adding VDO gauges, Oil temp and Coolant temp.. or Oil press?
  120. Odd noise coming from engine/transmission area
  121. Oil change intervals, who decides?
  122. Advanced Race Technology "long tube" cold air intake made for my 2013 CX-5 GT
  123. CX -5 vs my old 2004 Highlander
  124. Engine cut out while climbing mountain pass
  125. Transmission slow to shift ?
  126. Weird noise when acceleration
  127. Cx5 doesn't want to move forward after reversing
  128. No direct injection for 2.5
  129. 2014 CX-5 2.5L Skyactiv Performance
  130. Air filter for CX-5 - is the dealer the only place we can get one?
  131. Clunking sound from the front of the car
  132. Aftermarket exhaust for the CX-5?
  133. Weird digital noise from engine after turning off car?
  134. CX-5 Diesel Turbo is VERY likely!
  135. Electric Air Intake "Supercharger"
  136. MIL Codes
  137. Rough ride, engine noise and less than 5k miles - What's going on?
  138. 2.5L engine
  139. Engine shuts off at the first time starting up at the winter morning.
  140. New Mazda 6 EPA rated
  141. Test drove a 2014 Mazda 6 GT Skyactive 2.5
  142. cx5 first oil change
  143. Fuel Gauge
  144. Does the auto transmission come with overdrive?
  145. Oil change gasket?
  146. Poor gas mileage
  147. Brand of gas and fuel mileage
  148. Deceleration/braking downshifting?
  149. How to reset oil Data
  150. DSC; can it be turned off?
  151. Air filter
  152. Corksport CX-5 Exhaust
  153. Timing belt or timing chain?
  154. Driving in the snow??
  155. Helping the transmission shift?
  156. Oil Level - How to get a more acccurate reading
  157. Diesel Regen frequency
  158. 2014 CX-5 2.5L Oil Filter
  159. Anyone noticing any oil consumption out there?
  160. OK, what is the best highway MPH should I drive to get the best gas mileage?
  161. 1st oil change????
  162. SCBS (Smart City Break Support) - Tried and tested - Sort of!
  163. 2014 CX-5 GT - Engine Software Update
  164. 2.5l petrol for Europe?
  165. Do Modification Chips work?
  166. Performance upgrades
  167. Crush Washer/Gasket Size ID or anyone have a p/n for Mazda'a (Oil change)
  168. Towing trailer + BSM
  169. Power Steering Fluid
  170. "Lifetime" limited powertrain warranty
  171. What brand air filter do you recommend or avoid?
  172. Buzzing sound coming from under hood after turning off car? Please help me out.
  173. question about headlights? please read
  174. Vibration at cold start up
  175. rattling sound from 2000-3000 rpm
  176. Check Engine Light at 2,500 Miles "Engine Inspection Required"
  177. Catch Can
  178. Engine racing when braking
  179. Question about tire pressure. please read.
  180. Every Warning light Came on, while driving...
  181. oil change must be performed
  182. Size of Oil Drain Plug
  183. Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Information
  184. Diesel Regen Cycle.
  185. Manual Transmission issue - dropping out of third
  186. Trip computer compared to GPS tracking are very close, did some tests
  187. Comprehensive Maintenance Routine Needed
  188. Diesel Inlet Air Temps.
  189. Mazda Service Program (MSP39) -MIL Illumination with DTC P0126:00
  190. First Service at 1000km: Change the oil?
  191. CX 5 Diesel air filter.
  192. Flat Battery: Can you charge it?
  193. Engine Inspection Required
  194. Has anybody used the "accelerator kick down switch" feature?
  195. Removed C/S Intake
  196. Has anyone played with ECU mapping?
  197. Combination of warning lights on
  198. Mazda engine oil
  199. Larger oil filter option/s in here.
  200. Fluctuating Idle
  201. Push Start Distance
  202. Need more information then you really need.
  203. "Rattle" sound behind seat???
  204. CORKSPORT CX-5 Short Ram Intake
  205. '03 PT Cruiser Turbo to '14 CX-5 Touring?
  206. Mountain driving?
  207. Dealer oil change goes bad...
  208. Is your engine a little noisy?
  209. Racing Beat Power Pulse CX-5 Exhaust
  210. Tranny died on me during uphill.
  211. Clutch Chatter when cold
  212. How much oil to put for 2014 2.5L Engine?
  213. Best Gas Mileage to date: 333 miles All city milles
  214. American vs. Gulf specs for CX-5?
  215. MPG keeps getting better and better
  216. CX-5 starter and electronics going haywire
  217. How much are you paying for synthetic oil change?
  218. Going over 80Mph for the first time - 2014 CX-5 AWD
  219. What size socket is for CX5 spark plug SKYACTIV ?
  220. Mazda Recommends Castrol 0W-20
  221. Screeching noise from front on CX-5
  222. Direct injection carbon buildup on intake valves could be thing of the past
  223. CX5 Diesel air filter K&N replacement.
  224. really hard shift into drive and back into park
  225. Oil level
  226. Factory Fill for MAZDA CX-5 engine, and running in.. Anyone know this stuff??
  227. Loud exhaust on morning startup
  228. Manual transmission
  229. 2014 CX-5 Touring 2.5L PCM Issue
  230. I-Stop Battery cost
  231. Service schedule only goes to 60,000 miles or 48 months - what then?
  232. Just got a brand new 2014 CX-5 Touring
  233. SkyActiv Diesel: The Technology of Diesels.
  234. Transmission/Drivetrain concerns
  235. Who makes the turbo for the SkyActiv Diesel?
  236. Benefits of High Octane at High Altitude?
  237. MPG...whats going on here?
  238. Remapping CX-5 2.2 D
  239. I have a 2014 CX-5...why is my build date on my frame sticker 12/12
  240. Diesel fuel filters failed to prevent contamination...how could this be.
  241. Jerky start when taking foot off break at stops
  242. fifth gear noise
  243. '14 CX-5 GT - Loud harmonic vibration when reving between 2000-3000 RPM
  244. 2014 cx5 gt p1137 code
  245. CX-5 RPM goes up and down when slowing down....why?
  246. Transmission takes a shit while on the highway
  247. 2014 CX-5 car jerks when shifting gears
  248. CX-5 Engine exhaust pressure sensor replacement
  249. Pinging issue
  250. Brand new Mazda - Has Rough Idle - feels like it needs a tune up