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  1. Mazda considering CX-5, a Hakaze-inspired crossover
  2. Mazda CX-5 unveiled. Mazda unveil amazing CX-5 SUV crossover
  3. Mazda CX-5 spy pic
  4. We can dream, can't we?
  5. Mazda Minagi Concept(CX5)
  6. Official Press Release for the CX-5
  7. Motortrend 2013 Mazda CX-5 Prototype Quick Drive
  8. Production pictures of new CX-5
  9. CX-5 Preview at LA Autoshow
  10. Help CX-5 win "POLL: Which One of These Newly Introduced Compact SUVs is THE Looker?"
  11. Autoweek's review
  12. CX-5 size and specifications
  13. The CX-5 will not offer many options to choose from...
  14. Class leading fuel economy, 26/35
  15. Family vehicle?
  16. Mazda CX-5 'On the Move' to North America
  17. Pricing released (U.S.)
  18. The CX-5's have arrived at dealerships!
  19. Test drove CX-5 GT, my impressions
  20. Sizing down (or up?): Just pulled the trigger on a CX-5 GT!!
  21. Picked up new CX-5 last night
  22. Current selling price for CX-5?
  23. Mazda CX-5 Production Line (video)
  24. Wifes new car
  25. CX-5 Sport trim, especially with 6MT (manual transmission)
  26. Diesel version coming to US?
  27. Initial MPG from AWD Touring
  28. My CX-5 GT AWD was delivered today!
  29. CX-5 GT "First Drive" Owner's Review
  30. very expensive insurance for CX-5?
  31. New Skyactiv Family!
  32. 1450mi Trip Denver to Seattle (2 days)
  33. Coming off the boat today!
  34. CX-5 can now be built online at Mazdausa site
  35. The CX-5: "A car for us."
  36. CX 5 GS AWS or GT/TECH PCKG?
  37. What's the width of the middle seatback?
  38. 2013 Mazda CX-5 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (video)
  39. Post CX-5 Reviews...
  40. CX-5 crash and safety test results
  41. any owner loyalty rebates?
  42. Future noob owners
  43. CX5 towing numbers Australia vs USA
  44. 0.9% 36 months and 2.9% financing dead?
  45. Just took delivery of CX-5 - Initial impressions
  46. CX-5 great or just the first Mazda in a long time without a goofy smile?
  47. my test drive impressions: white/black GT automatic AWD
  48. Base Model Diesel in Oz?
  49. Finally... and Australia review of the Diesel
  50. CX-5 Trunk Cargo Dimensions LxWxH
  51. Just got my white CX-5!!
  52. About to buy, some questions and comments
  53. Just got my CX-5
  54. March 18th Delivery to port - When to expect arrival at dealership?
  55. CX-5 Production - The mystery of where....
  56. First drive of the Diesel - Review and Photos/Videos
  57. Still waiting for my CX-5
  58. lumbar support versus privacy glass
  59. Quick pic/review of my Sky Blue CX-5 GT AWD w/ Tech package
  60. Test drive Concerns for CX-5
  61. New Mazda CX5 Owner
  62. New Metro Gray Grand Touring CX-5 w/ tech package
  63. CX-5 owner's manual
  64. News from Mazda on the CX-5 tomorrow (3/28)... anyone else see this?
  65. U.S. Diesel?
  66. Coming soon.... my diesel
  67. Interior shots of base model
  68. CX-5 Photos - Share your shots with us!
  69. The New CX-5 Commercial
  70. Extended Warranty
  71. Question for current owners
  72. US CX-5 GT Climate temp display in C
  73. Has anyone got this problem with i-stop?
  74. change this link
  75. Tow cover cap
  76. Trading wheels for those who have the 19", I have the 17". Loving the manual 6spd!
  77. Better, Stronger, Faster
  78. My CX-5 purchase
  79. My New CX-5
  80. Just received the phone call...
  81. CX-5 reliability -- let's get better information ASAP
  82. Power draw
  83. Anyone have the remote start on the GT model?
  84. Silly question maybe, but why is it called the 2013 model and not 2012 in the USA
  85. Gas mileage question
  86. Computer reading
  87. i-DM must be somewhere in the computer
  88. New 6 Speed!! Metro Gray
  89. New Black GT
  90. Infant/Convertible Car Seat
  91. Mazda CX-5 sales numbers
  92. I know, it's the honeymoon period, but...I LOVE IT!
  93. Breaking it in...
  94. CX 5 in Serbia
  95. Mazda CX-5 in Holland !
  96. Mazda CX-5 Video and Wheel Question
  97. Gauges disappoint
  98. New Forum Member
  99. New member CX-5
  100. CX-5 vs. CR-V and Escape
  101. CX-5 in Canada -- Interest Rates
  102. Optional moonroof
  103. Short review (mostly diesel) in a magazine
  104. Test Driving this weekend
  105. Sky Blue or Zeal Red Mica?
  106. Stormy Blue Mica.... anyone have pics, seen one yet, or own one?
  107. Owners... does the CX-5 have 'bulb out warnings'?
  108. CorkSport Products for the CX-5
  109. Automatic Temperature Question
  110. CX-5: 2012 Ward’s 10 Best Interiors
  111. New Sport owner
  112. New Touring
  113. Picked up a new FWD Sport last week and I'm impressed
  114. New family member
  115. Quebec price for CX-5 and APA membership
  116. AWD vs FWD Q&A
  117. Tracking your shipment
  118. Stick shift - brake release +500 RPM ??
  119. GT trim production hiatus
  120. Owner's manual - online or PDF available?
  121. 2013 Mazda CX-5 versus Subaru Impreza Mashup Drag Race
  122. CA Emissions & CX-5/SkyActive
  123. My new CX-5 is already in the shop :(
  124. My CX-5 driving impressions
  125. First CX-5 Transmission Has Been Replaced
  126. White Pearl color
  127. Autombile Magazine Comparison: Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V vs. Mazda CX-5
  128. What is everyone paying for their CX5?
  129. Is the 2013 CX5 going to be a "one year" hit?
  130. CX-5 vs Tiguan and Pricing, Canada
  131. Bluetooth and Nav on a Sport?
  132. 2nd tank of gas - Impressive fuel economy for GT AWD
  133. First drive
  134. Some CX-5s are being delayed because of leaking engine mount
  135. CX-5 Compatibility with other Mazda Models
  136. On the water...
  137. My new CX-5 Touring FWD Stormy Blue Mica!
  138. CX-5 performance and handling
  139. Say Hi to the forum, Our Zeal Red Touring and little buying story
  140. Introduction - Member from Germany
  141. CX-5 Presentation
  142. 6spd AWD Diesel available in Ireland
  143. Any Complaints (hopefully all minor)
  144. Finally got it! + questions
  145. 2014 CX-5 2.5 Liter Option
  146. Roadtrip
  147. You choose what color?
  148. How to?
  149. Question about driver-side door control lighting
  150. CorkSport is looking for a Cx5 to test out a part
  151. Wheels Magazine (AUS) - 11 SUV Mega Test
  152. CX-5 Predicted Reliability
  153. Took delivery about a week ago, wanted to share buying experience...
  154. Off the boat
  155. Cleaning the dash
  156. Hello There
  157. Hello! New CX-5 Owner!
  158. Zeal Red with Sand Leather?
  159. Mazda financing questions - what to expect? o
  160. Finally here!
  161. Nav or not?
  162. Got my CX-5, First Mazda!
  163. Loving our CX-5
  164. What car did you trade in for your CX-5?
  165. CX5 gets 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests for safety
  166. Took the badges off the back
  167. Aaaaalmost..
  168. CX-5 - European crash test best in class - EuroNCAP2012 results released
  169. refueling issue?
  170. Confirmation to CX-5's Laguna Seca's laptime.
  171. New higher interest rates in Canada
  172. Blind Spot Monitoring and Motorcycles
  173. My new sky blue CX5 touring
  174. Dealerships
  175. Sand Leather Interior
  176. mileage with weather
  177. Grand Touring vs Touring Ride
  178. S PLan
  179. Anyone purchase a prepaid maintenance package?
  180. GT Tech package + Remote engine start annoyance
  181. Taking Delivery
  182. CP Rail Strike
  183. Mud guards and window visor
  184. Break in period?
  185. Former Mazda Employee New Mazda Owner
  186. Amusing Instrumentation
  187. Fairly comical review of the CX-5
  188. First post, first mazda.
  189. Brand New Owner.
  190. Problem with airbag detector for front passenger
  191. Fuelly - how do i share my MPG?
  192. Issue with auto climate
  193. Still Waiting...
  194. Hello from Colorado!
  195. New Member-and question
  196. Hood and Mirror Vibration
  197. Thinking of getting a CX5, but a bit apprehensive...
  198. Waiting for a CX5
  199. Instrument cluster winding sound?
  200. Rear Splash Guard Installation questions
  201. Demonstrators...or don't they do that any more?
  202. Automobile: Four Seasons CX-5
  203. 2nd choice to Subaru XV
  204. The biggest test for my CX-5
  205. eBay Buy it Now $12,900 CX-5 AWD Touring Bose & Nav 79 miles
  206. New here
  207. New owner saying hi
  208. How's the brakes for CX-5?
  209. what other car(s) did you consider?
  210. New CX-5 GT Diesel owner Down Under
  211. 7+ year Mazda owner, new to the forum
  212. How many miles per tank?
  213. 35.9 MPG over 567 miles!
  214. Hello from Perth Western Australia!
  215. CX-5's in Action...
  216. AWD at 34 mpg highway and other notes
  217. 27 pages of wallpapers.....
  218. Great Buying Experience in Boise
  219. Greetings from Arizona
  220. New owner and question....
  221. Owners manual oil & tire differences
  222. Mazda out sold GM in April...
  223. CX-5 or the Outlander Sport?
  224. Removing Nav module from a Grand Touring?
  225. I love the blind spot indicator thingies....
  226. It's a girl question ...so cheesy I know...
  227. Australian Sales - Record highs
  228. Just drove CX-5's most direct and latest US market competitor today
  229. Mazda Total Advantage Plan
  230. CX-5 2.0 slow and sluggish, but not after break in.
  231. Plasti Dip Project
  232. Fuelly
  233. New and first Mazda owner
  234. picked up ours- here's my impression.
  235. Mazda CX-5 test drive
  236. rain sensing wipers
  237. Coming Back to the Mazda Family
  238. Out of State Purchase
  239. Motor Trend compares SUVs
  240. New CX-5 Thoughts & Impressions
  241. MPG trip calculator - # keeps fluctuating what gives?
  242. If I move
  243. Blind Spot Detection and dirt/mud/snow - does it work?
  244. How much is your CX5 insurance
  245. Hatchback does not lock
  246. hello from canada
  247. Crazy owner of two Mazda CX5
  248. Took Delivery Today
  249. Driver's side mirror vibrating and shaking RAPIDLY!
  250. Things we love about our CX-5's