Well that's the plan anyway...

We're currently testing moving the entire site from our current platform (vBulletin4) to the relatively new XenForo (version 2).

Why? Good question...XenForo is similar to vBulletin4 but it offers features and functionality that we lack and could benefit from greatly...Not just on the front-end but on the back-end as well.

Please note that although most Accounts, Forums, Threads and Posts etc will make the move...Some elements may not be compatible with XenForo or may be removed entirely in an effort to improve readability (such as signatures).

Stay Tuned for updates...Thanks!

Ps...If you have any questions and or suggestions regarding the move, feel free to PM me.

Ps2...If you haven't heard, we're now on Patreon and we could sure use all the support we can get...Thanks again!

Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/Mazdas247