It appears we do have a few issues to iron out after moving Mazdas247 to the new server. Below are the known issues...

Working On It...

- Apostrophes are being replaced by Asterisks
*Could be due to copying and pasting from somewhere else (formatting issue)


- Activation Emails Not Sending

- Attachments Not Working / Appearing
-- Attachment Thumbnails also not appearing

- Some Emojis are currently not working such as ( gah )
*Resolved but clear your browser cache if it still happens

- "Edit Post" / "Go Advanced" causing Chrome Error Page
*Not occurring anymore


- Increase File Size Limit for Attachments
-- The following file types have had their size limit doubled >>
--- bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, xls


Again...Please contact me via PM if any additional issues are found and we will resolve them ASAP!

Thank you!