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Thread: Mazda 2 Racing Beat vs Mazda 2 Race Car Fujitsubo Exhaust [HD]

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    Mazda 2 / 2010

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    Mazda 2 Racing Beat vs Mazda 2 Race Car Fujitsubo Exhaust [HD]

    Video 720p [HD]

    Matrixx3 Mazda 2 Race Car:

    Engine: 1.6 L MZR I4 Swap

    Maxspeed® Lowering Springs - Injen®. SP Series Cold Air Intake System - Fujitsubo Muffler
    Custom Header - Custom Exhaust - Ultra Racing Bars - Sparco Matt Black 15" wheels

    Little VTi Mazda 2:

    DBA-DE5FS ~ 1.5 engine VVT

    K&N high flow air filter - Racing Beat Power Pulse Exhaust - H&R Sports Springs
    - Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar - Kosei K1 15" wheels
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    Nice, but try and keep the camera inside the car or else we can't hear squat.
    Besides the wind.. we can hear that.

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    Makes me want to keep on going with my build.

    Nice 2....2's
    2013 Mazda2 GS, Aluminum Metallic Mica

    Styling: PIAA H4 extreme white bulbs, Corksport LED fog bulbs, lots of black Plasti-Dip at tasteful spots
    Handling:Falken AZENIS RT-615K-205/50R15 on stock touring wheels for now, CorkSport springs, Corksport torsion bar
    Power:Corksport SRI/Ram Air box, AWR RMM 70duro, CorkSport shift plate

    In the future....
    PIAA Super Plasma GT-X H4, PIAA RF 18" LED Light Bar
    Advanti Storm S1 15x8" 25+ offset, Toyo R1R P205/50R15, Corksport dampers, Corksport front sway bar, Corksport strut tower brace, Corksport brake pads, brake lines,
    Corksport skid plate (no longer available), Corksport shorty antenna, Corksport CBE + race pipe, catless header, Corbeau Sportline RRB seats + brackets

    2010 MS3 Black Mica, JBR RMM 80duro, COBB SRI,

    My build thread

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